Making Democracy Work

Working for Democracy through Informed Voters

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
I am convinced that in the aftermath of this election our country truly needs the best, most dedicated efforts of the League of Women Voters. You and I need to stand up for our children and grandchildren, for our neighbors, and for those we'll never know. We need to expect better journalism and be better news consumers, and then we need to defend our free press. We need to stand for our planet and for science. We need to ensure the protections of our laws to ALL people in this multilingual, multiracial, multigenerational society. We need to restore faith in our democracy - in the power of voting.

We need to have faith in each other. We need to truly listen to how others think and feel, realizing that life often involves hard choices, sometimes between what is bad and what is worse. We need to reject the notion that those who disagree with our view are somehow not as good, smart or worthy. Nothing gets accomplished when half of our people are shamed into angry silence.

We need to have faith in our institutions - not blind faith - faith that the structures that undergird our society work as intended, and that problems within them are correctible with research, persistent effort and often, compromise.

Let's get to work.

Jan Wagner, President, LWVNOC


Saturday, September 16 for Kick-Off Meeting

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