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Visit the LWV U.S. site for its statements of positions in each of the following program areas: Representative Government, International Relations, Natural Resources, and Social Policy.

LWV California

Read the League's stands on Ballot Measures and California issues in the following areas: Government, Natural Resources, Social Policy, Sustainable Communities, Growth Management, and Children and Family Issues.


The Sacramento Bee has a link where you can do a comparison of any congressional, Assembly, or State Senate districts for the past 10 year period beside the new Commission approved district for the next 10 years. <>

LWV Orange County Inter League Organization (ILO)

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LWV North Orange County



SCHOOL BOARD BUDGET PROCESS: (1983) Support for measures which enable citizens to become involved in the budget process easily and in a timely fashion prior to the budget's final adoption.


CHILD CARE: Support for total community involvement in meeting child care needs.

HOMELESSNESS: (1987) Support the provision of emergency shelter for the homeless. (County position adopted by concurrence at Annual Meeting 1986)

Support local governmental policies which address the needs of the homeless, including the provision of emergency shelter.

HOUSING AND COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT: (updated 1990) Support the accountability of local government to the community regarding Housing and Community Redevelopment plans and the analysis of the expenditure of Housing and Redevelopment funds.

LOCAL EDUCATION: (1978; 1981; 1995) Support quality public education for all elementary and secondary students, including appropriate guidance and counseling services.

Support for LWVNOC collaboration with educators, school boards, parents and other community members and agencies concerned with the well-being of children and their families in defining and developing elements of a healthy learning environment for and with the entire community.

YOUTH: Support programs which increase knowledge of the law as it affects youth, and encourage communication and cooperation between young people and law enforcement agencies.

LIBRARIES: Support for adequate funding by the various appropriate governmental agencies for services provided to meet the needs of the cities served by the LWVNOC.


ENERGY: Support for local energy policies that promote the goal of energy conservation and the use of renewable resources within the community.

LAND USE: (1969; 1971; 1977) Support for strict adherence to the adopted General Plan element of Land Use in zoning and variance applications in cities where applicable.

Support for continued development of North Orange County as a balanced residential, commercial, industrial area with a diverse population.

Support for a well-delineated public policy for acquiring and developing land for parks and recreation which will serve the entire citizenry of the area.

Support for adoption of city policies which will provide for city beautification, tree preservation and preservation of cultural and historic sites.

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT (1990) Support for solid waste management plans for North Orange County cities which are efficient, cost effective, environmentally sound, and which emphasize citizen responsibility.

Support for source reduction strategies by local government agencies which include such practices as recycling paper and motor oil and purchasing recycled, re-usable and recyclable products.

Support for and participation in local programs to educate citizens about the importance of source reduction, and of ways they can reduce solid waste.

Support for city ordinances that mandate reduction of packaging and the substitution of biodegradable, recyclable and/or recycled materials in products sold by local retailers.